Thursday, April 08, 2004

I'd Like To Know More

This Commercial Appeal article mentions something that caught my eye:
[The Center City Commission v]oted to hire Cushman & Wakefield for a $55,000, nine-week downtown market study to look at the residential, office and employment, retail and tourism aspects to determine what the community needs.
I know that the City routinely spends money on these kinds of surveys and studies, but I'd like to know how many have been done for the other communities of Memphis, the ones that don't have their own "Commission" to, er...commission them.

Midtown? North Memphis? Orange Mound? Winchester & Kirby? Parkway Village and the Mall of Memphis area? Have any of these received the same kind of in-depth, long-range studies we seem to lavish on downtown? Don't distract with pointing out that the CCC "paid" for it. They get their funds from tax diversions from City tax money and from special assessments. Your money, in other words.

So, have the rest of us benefitted? Or is it only Manhattan on the Mississippi?

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