Saturday, April 10, 2004

They Take Care Of Their Own

So, the Sony Corporation bought the rights to Richard Clarke's book. Does anyone actually think they'll make a movie from it? Of course not. The movie will die in development hell, but Clarke will get to keep the big payout, which might be around a million dollars. Although terms weren't disclosed it's not unusual for hyped books to get this kind of payment.

What's really going on, of course, is Hollywood's elites taking care of their useful idiots. Remember Clarke's appearance on Meet The Press, where he complained that his career was over and that he had to keep all the money he was making from the book, instead of donating it to the 9-11 victim's fund? The movie deal is just another way of funneling money to Clarke to "help him out." That's all.

I would just about guarantee that no movie ever gets made.

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