Friday, April 09, 2004

Finally Found One

Many thanks to SouthKnox Bubba and one of his readers for finding an Arkansas political blog: Arkansas Tonight. It's run by the anchor and news director for a West Arkansas television station. It's not a blog in the sense of folks like me, or even in the sense of some local media folks who run their own personal blogs, but seems a coordinated part of a media group, though personal opinion oriented.

That said, he really does get into it. Read the post "CANDIDACY PROBLEMATIC AT BEST, WANTING ANSWERS." It's an excoriating look at Tim Hutchinson, of the Hutchinson political dynasty.

Welcome to the fray, Don.

If anyone knows of other Arkansas news or political blogs, please let me know. There are stories sliding under the media radar over there. For instance, there was a school consolidationrally in Little Rock earlier this year to rival the Income Tax Wars rallies in Nashville. Hundreds of folks standing around the Capitol, protesting their legislators has to be historic. But it never made the news outside of Arkansas, aside from one small bit in the Commercial Appeal. So, once again, Arkiebloggers speak up.

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