Friday, April 09, 2004

Cherry Cola

I'm old enough to remember real cherry Coke, from a soda fountain. You'd get fountain Coke, which was less fizzy and more syrupy than bottled Coke. They would then take a dipper of real cherry syrup, from the cherries they put on Sundaes, and mix it in. It was heaven. The bottled crap that Coca-Cola sells today is but a pale imitation.

Last weekend, I was out with my shopping buddy Amanda (Hi!) at Super Target. She spotted an aisle labelled "New Age Beverages." I ridiculed it, of course, but we went to check it out. There on the shelf I found something called Briar's Supreme Black Cherry Soda. It had a good color, no caffeine, and low carbonation. I gave it a shot.

It was pretty good! Not quite as rich as real fountain cherry cola and a bit too sweet. But the low carbonation was nice and the flavor wasn't as artificial as other cherry sodas. It's a bit too expensive for everyday, but I'd definitely buy it again for a treat.

Now if only they made it in liter bottles....

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