Saturday, April 10, 2004

Commercial Appeal Blogs

News today that the Commercial Appeal has added two new blogs to their roster: East Memphis Appeal and The Memphis Scene. I haven't checked them out yet, so I can't say anything.

Speaking of CA blogs, both Blake and Jon have been AWOL of late. C'mon, guys, back to work! I would encourage those of you into Memphis politics especially to support Blake's Blog. It's a seed of what could be a good thing. Give him a visit and leave a comment. And Jon too. After all, what other part of the Commercial Appeal are you gonna find pics of Playboy bunnies in?

If you haven't registered your Memphis or Mid-South blog at the Commercial Appeal's blogroll, please do so. We should be encouraging this kind of thing. I'm only seeing one or two hits a day from there, but it's all about connectivity and cross-fertilisation in the blogosphere. Plus, you'll find a whole lot of good readin' there.

Still no blogs at the Memphis Flyer. God, imagine Jackson Baker with a blog. The mind reels.

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