Sunday, July 28, 2002

The Crone Speaks

Here we are, less than a week to go before Election Day, and Susan Adler Thorp, who has thrashed candidate George Flinn in no less than three columns, has yet to address his opponent--AC Wharton. Some might see this as the negative campaigning that she so deplores, but I somehow doubt SAT would agree.

Today's disjointed editorial column begins with more of the same: Flinn's a brainless, nasty chump who is hiding from his opponent, that paragon AC Wharton. SAT seems to truly believe that just bashing Flinn is sufficient cause for her readers to vote Wharton.

But then she uses the "negative campaigning" talking point to launch off into a fairly deep and odd look into the otherwise unremarkable District 83 House Republican primary race. She goes to quite a good length, looking into incumbent Joe Kent and his opponent Chuck Bates.

She looks into Bates' background to paint a picture of a nutcase, although she eschews that word explicitly, and to ridicule him.

Why? Well, my guess would be to associate in reader's minds the weirdness of Bates, per her description, and Flinn. To plant in wavering, undecided voters the subliminal suggestion that Flinn, too, is a nutcase.

And she still has yet to extol Wharton. How sad.

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