Thursday, August 01, 2002

You Don't Say!

In the lead editorial in today's Commercial Appeal, the editors bring up sprawl--the unchecked and unrestrained growth on the edges of the county and beyond.

They blithely let fly with this whopper:
Land developers, who enjoy inordinate influence on the Shelby County
Commission, have blocked proposals for impact fees here. The real
estate industry has been equally successful at preventing a local real
estate transfer tax. That has increased the pressure on county property
taxes to help pay for explosive growth, to the ire of many taxpayers.

You don't say! Too bad the CA doesn't look into this, huh?

The Comical Appeal has long turned a blind eye, many would say willfully so, to developers, realtors and bankers. Can you recall the last story to look into any of these groups? As the downtown redevelopment plans have shown, there's an inordinately cozy relationship between City Hall and Banker's Row. It's long past time they did their job and brought this sordidness to light.

Until next time, that is all.
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