Thursday, August 01, 2002

My Eyes, My Eyes!

I cannot believe it! I'm...shocked. And appalled. Shocked and appalled.

Last primary election, I idly flipped onto NewsChannel 3 and their election coverage. Imagine my surprise to see the CA's own Susan Adler Thorp, the Crone herself, pontificating with Jerry Hayes, as their "expert." I was surprised, until later when I discovered that Channel 3 and the CA have entered into some agreements regarding reporting. Apparently one of the benefits for Channel 3 is they get SAT's "expertise" and sage wisdom. It's a change from the CA's old "closed shop" rule, where they even yanked a reporter who was a regular on the PBS program, "Tennessee Roundtable." Like anyone saw him....

Well, SAT pretty much repeated what she says in her columns, sometimes almost word for word. But it was her appearance that enthralled me. She had long, straight dark hair liberally (get it?) sprinkled with grey, lots of grey. At one point, she made to scratch her face, something broadcast pros learn never to do, but hey, she's new. One thin finger arced up and carefully poked into her cheek. I was immediately struck. "Don't let that woman near the children," I thought. "She'll treat them like Hansel and Gretel." And so her nickname, the Crone, was born. It was also a play on the modern-day use of the word, as a badge of pride for women of a certain age who are revered for their wisdom, who are sought out and respected by younger women, who have great power within. Yes, I'm using sarcasm.

So imagine my shock tonight when I tune in to Channel 3 and there she is again--with dyed hair and a weird, new cut! I almost had to laugh. Her hair is very dark now, no grey, and wavy in a feathered, Eighties style.

Ah vanity. Let those reporter types get on the television and look what happens....

Until next time, that is all.
Your Working Boy

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