Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Lucky Break or Hanging Cloud?

Mayoral candidate George Flinn won a stay by a three-judge Appeals Court panel in the suit to open up two sealed suits concerning him, according to this story on the CA's website.

According to the panel, the originating court lost jurisdiction to reopen the case. Determining who now has that jurisdiction may buy Flinn time until past Election Day.

This can be a good or bad thing. Good, in that what may be a very messy, personal or embarrassing situation--and not only for Flinn, but for the two women involved--stays out of the hands of a very invasive and uncaring press. Bad, though, if the public believes something's being hidden from them. It may cast doubt on Flinn and may sway voters against him.

UPDATE: ONE HOUR LATER. The truly execrable Mike Fleming just announced that he got "solid information" that Flinn's former primary opponent, Larry Scroggs, also had information about the suit, etc., back during the primary, but chose not to use it! So how long has the CA had it, before they broke the story? Why the wait?

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