Monday, July 29, 2002

So Close, So Very Close

The lead editorial in today's Commercial Appeal looks at student transfers within the City Schools system. It begins:
A child who is struggling to make the grade in a failing school often
has many obstacles to overcome at home and in the neighborhood as
well. The school system has a responsibility...

The Memphis City Schools has taken a useful step in that direction by
putting a plan in motion that will give transfer priority and free
transportation to low-performing pupils in some of the city's
lowest-performing schools. Many of these pupils will have the
opportunity to switch to schools that have recorded higher average test scores. In some cases, tutoring also will be provided.

Students should be given the opportunity to get out of failing schools. A very good idea.

They note that "40,000 pupils in 73 schools..." will be given the option to fill "1,500 transfer slots..." That's a 27-to-1 overflow!

The City has 64 troubled schools, by State standards, and 73 by Federal standards.

The CA finishes thusly:
But at those schools and throughout the district, efforts to boost pupil
performance must continue. That means providing tutoring in some
cases, transportation to new schools in others, and real options for
young people who need help the most.

Real options? Like, perhaps, school choice and vouchers? Or is that a bridge just a bit too far?

Until next time, that is all.
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