Friday, August 02, 2002

Oh, Didn't We Mention That?

In an AP story about Katherine Harris, the Secretary of State for Florida who was thrust into the national spotlight in the 2000 Presidential elections, run by the Commercial Appeal in Friday's edition, there's a crucial omission. The story talks about Harris' failure to follow Florida election law by resigning her position before she took up her run for the US Congress in a North Florida district.

The story ends:
"I made a mistake in not filing the letter," Harris said.
Harris said she thought the law did not apply to her office.

Seen in that light, it makes her sound high-handed and imperious. But what the CA's truncated version leaves out is the fact that her elected position is being eliminated. She thought, since the position would cease to exist, to be replaced by an appointed position, that no resignation was necessary.

Changes the meaning of things a bit, doesn't it?

Until next time, that is all.
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