Friday, August 02, 2002

The Beat(ing) Goes On

In this story about Marsha Blackburn's victory, in the Friday Commercial Appeal's post-election reports, the digs just seem to continue.
Anti-tax warrior Marsha Blackburn rode
voters' anger and dissatisfaction to victory
Thursday in the race to succeed Rep. Ed

"Warrior?" "...rode voter's anger...?" But wait, there's more! The story goes on:
After claiming victory about 9 p.m. outside
a party in a Franklin bistro....
Meanwhile, Blackburn seemed to sidestep allegations in a mailer by a
group called Tennesseans for Accountable Government that questioned
her spending habits as head of the state's Film, Entertainment and Music

"Claiming victory...?" Like it wasn't hers? Like she took it unfairly?

Quick detour: Notice that they still drag up this half-worked story! As I reported here, in a revelation I have yet to see followed up on anywhere else (Is this my first scoop?), Bruce Eastin, the former Executive Director of the Tennessee Republican Party, is behind this mailer and group. Why didn't anyone look into this? And why does the CA mention this again?

Why? Because the bashing must continue. She was one of the prime movers behind the anti-IT forces, willing to "rally the troops" in her famous words to protest Naifeh's attempts at underhandedness. That makes her an enemy of the CA and so the bashing will not stop.
Blackburn, a retail marketing consultant and second-term state senator
known for rallying tax protesters....

See? What did I say? The story ends with this strange, gratuitous swipe:
But her hilltop home in Williamson County, named ''Up Yonder'' by
former owner Minnie Pearl, was drawn into the Seventh District this
winter when congressional district lines were reset.

Yes, for the CA, the torture never stops.

Until next time, that is all.
Your Working Boy

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