Sunday, July 28, 2002

The Sunday Night Dread

I watch Fox13's Sunday night newscast, while doing this blog actually. But can someone please stop Trish Clark and Les Smith before they hurt someone?

Trish is a young woman with a pretty face. Les is an older, bearded man with a penchant for trying to "spice up" his patter with humor, observations, opinions and a gravitas that he unfortunately lacks. Les certainly seems like a nice enough guy, but he really should be dialed back before his mouth really gets him into trouble.

Some month back, their newscast aired a strange report about a Palestinian children's video that encouraged kids to hate Israelis and glorify suicide bombers. It was a gruesome story and shocking, as the video also used corporate logos from McDonald's and Disney, although nothing was mentioned about the logo abuse in the report. It certainly seemed to catch Trish and Les unawares, as they were visibly disturbed. But Les had to add that (I'm paraphrasing.) "this is why we are at war with them."

Oops! We aren't at war with the Palestinians.

Les seems to want to project that he's a regular guy, a witty guy and a deep thinker. Unfortunately, the strain shows and he ends up failing. Someone should sit down and talk with Les.

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