Monday, July 29, 2002

Slightly Off Topic, I'll Admit

From the Associated Press wire comes this story from Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

A state senator running for governor submitted nomination papers with at least 231 falsified signatures with nonexistent or invalid addresses, a newspaper's review of the papers found.

One person listed as signing has been dead for three years.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel review found pervasive problems among the signatures Milwaukee Democrat Gary George submitted, including 82 people listed who say they did not sign their names.

The 231 signatures, which is in addition to the 180 signatures already invalidated by the State Elections Board, would leave George 39 short of the 2000 signatures he needs to stay on the Sept. 10 primary ballot.

George's spokesman, Dave Begel, would not comment Sunday and said George had no comment when cntacted by the Associated Press.

Shades of the Memphis 2000 election fiascos! Can't wait to see how they solve this one.

Until next time, that is all.
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