Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Exposing The Lies: Priceless

The Indepundit was a soldier who saw active duty in Iraq and blogged his experiences while he was there as Lt. Smash. He's been deactivated now and has settled back into his old life. During the weekend's anti-Iraq War protests, he went out to watch one up close. His observations are drily funny but pointed. Here's his report.

You should read this (it's not long) because he made sure to tape and then transcribe one woman speaker at the protest. She's hilariously clueless, except when she actually advocates that American soldiers be killed in order to drive them out. That's traitorous.

You'd expect Indepundit to grow furious and do something. He did. He sought the woman out and interviewed her.

Take a few minutes, go, and Read The Whole Thing.

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