Monday, March 22, 2004

What He Said: Gay Marriage Department

I've considered wading into the gay marriage debate, but have hesitated because I really don't have anything to add that's unique. Ultimately, my position comes from my libertarian philosophy: "Why is government even in the business of licensing marriage?" It should be a private, religious or civil matter. Questions of paternity are no longer a problem with modern medicine. Questions of inheritance can be handled in courts. Records can be kept and documents filed. The government shouldn't be in the business of promoting married life. Government is for individuals, not social units.

Personally, I find gay sex revolting. Sorry, but I do. Ick. Doesn't mean I find gay people revolting. I have many gay friends and acquaintances. Can't help it, living in Midtown; wouldn't want to. They are regular folks just like anyone else. They want homes, jobs, security, love and happiness, too. Homosexuality is a difference with only minimal distinctions, if you look at it.

Pretty much everything I'd want to add to the debate has been better said by Rev. Donald Sensing, a Nashville Methodist minister who has a blog titled One Hand Clapping. Except, of course, that I'm an atheist. But his comments about the changes our science has wrought and society has undergone in the last forty years, bringing us to where we are today inexorably, are what I'd say. Except better.

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