Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Star Trek Stuff

There's a website, called Bring Back Kirk that offers a fan-made short (9 minutes) film bringing together the casts of all the Star Trek series in one slam-bang adventure, using fan-created CGI. Their premise is one that quite a few ST fans agree with: Captain Kirk should never have died the death he suffered in Generations. The trailer is available in a variety of formats and download options, but as the smallest is still 10Mb I haven't had a chance to look at them yet. But the graphics on the website are very impressive.

On a different front, the Ain't It Cool News website is reporting a bizarre Star Trek rumor. They claim that Berman and Braga are out as producers and someone from Disney (responsible for Snow Dogs and some other crap) will be coming in. Their intent is to produce a trilogy of "prequels" (to what?). It all sounds very, very wrong on nearly every level, which is why I'm not linking, but merely reporting. If this turns real, then I'll post again.

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