Sunday, March 21, 2004

He Said It! Part Two

During the hiatus I was listening to the Mike Phlegming radio show when he had County Mayor AC Wharton on. As is his style, Mr. Wharton was speaking somewhat slowly and deliberately, trying to choose and phrase answers carefully. Of course, Mr. Fleming hasn't got the time. He is forever hustling folks along, cutting them off or finishing their comments for them, to get to the commercial break.

In one particular segment discussing term limits locally, Fleming was starting to speak for and over Mayor Wharton while Wharton was trying to complete one thought and respond to Fleming. During the short hurly-burly, Fleming burst out with "I don't trust the voters!" It was clear, in context, that his mouth was moving faster than his concious control and he was expressing a core belief.

Yep. Mike Fleming -- elitist. Remember that next time you call in.

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