Friday, March 26, 2004

Slouching Toward 495 Union Avenue

Well, it seems my time has come 'round at last. Today's CA Eye feature in the Commercial Appeal mentions yours truly! Jon Sparks wrote:
Dedicated blogger Mike Hollihan understands what Web journaling is all about and practices it vigorously. He is, among other things, a self-appointed critic of local media and boy, does that make for some interesting reading. Be prepared to spend some time at his Halfbakered blog.
He's too nice by half. Thanks for the pointer.

And to you good Commercial Appeal readers stopping by, welcome! It's a different universe here at Half-Bakered. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions and brickbats in the comments feature attached to each post. Or you can email me directly at the addy in the top left corner.

Have fun! Come back and see us again sometime.

BTW, if Jon's CA Eye runs thrice weekly and has its own name, with Jon's handsome mug splattered right there for God and Memphis to see, why then is he not listed with the others on the CA columnist page, with his columns below his name? Seems an unnecessary omission, as you can't tell in the daily list of stories which is Jon's feature. It would help those who are looking for specific CA Eye bits to have them both labelled and gathered, don't you think? Just a thought....

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