Sunday, March 21, 2004

He Said It! Part One

The current Jackson Baker column is a look at Representative Harold Ford, Jr. Wipe away the usual Dem-worship slobber from the page and there are a few interesting things. One is this Ford quote on the War in Iraq:
Bill Clinton said the same thing. I'm not here to defend George Bush. I want to win. But Bill Clinton had the same policy -- to disarm Iraq and change the regime. George Bush just took it to another level.
"Another level." Gotta love that one.

Baker also reports this Great Ford Idea:
Notable was his concept of "stakeholder" accounts, whereby newborn American citizens would receive a $1,000 "stake" at birth and receive various add-ons later -- upon reaching the sixth-grade level and upon graduation, for example.
Real smart, as they say. Government bribes to do right. The first "early withdrawal" exemption will be for medical emergencies and you'll see families all across the poor spectrum raiding these accounts like cookie jars.

Allowing "stakeholder" accounts for Social Security is wrong. It takes money from the government. But taking more money from taxpayers for personal "stakeholder" accounts? That's fine.

New paint job, same old Democratic thinking.

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