Sunday, March 21, 2004

In Case You Were Wondering

Remember when ABC/WPTY 24 dumped their entire anchor crew and replaced them with the Happy Fun Couple last year? Bill Lund and Renee Malone got snapped up by NBC/WMC 5. Good for them. I just discovered today that Ken Houston is going to Baltimore, to be an evening anchor. (Scroll down the right-hand side, under "Latest industry moves.") Good for him.

It was a shabby thing to do. And while WPTY can still do hard news better than the rest -- witness their spectacular job with the Dyersburg hostage situation -- they also have a distressing tendency to surround it with silliness like Jeni DiPrizio chasing car drivers. Then there's the whole issue of the Happy Fun Couple presiding over the news show.

I'd still like to know what became of Michelle Robinson. You'll recall that she started at CBS/WREG 3 as the morning on-location reporter. She and another on-air personality -- along with some other NewsChannel 3 employees -- were hired as extras for a Hollywood movie filming locally. Turned into an ugly mess for them, as the management had issues. She was let go, though Todd Demers kept his job, ending up as an anchor at WPTY! Good for her. I thought she really blossomed there, so it was doubly distressing to see her fall into the trap door as she did. Anyone know what became of her? I hope it's good.

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