Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Mucho Blogo Advico

A trio of helpful posts today on blogging.

1. Following on from her post of yeterday, about mid-list authors and blogging, Jemima Pereira now offers a follow-up on mid-list reading and price points. It makes me wish we had a Books-A-Million or Buck-A-Book store here in Memphis. OK, this one isn't really about blogging, but still....

2. From the Politburo Diktat comes really good advice for bloggers wanting to get lots of hits, become famous and rise high in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem.

3. Over at Say Uncle, we then get some follow-up that offers more good tips. I learned that Unc is getting more hits than me by an order of magnitude! (ie. a factor of ten) Follow both of them and you can't go wrong.

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