Friday, March 26, 2004

Wouldn't Ya Know?

Today turned into the Day of Many Chores and my lower body is really worn out. (If you've seen the sack of cement I carry in my belly, you'll understand.) Two Allieve and shortly off to bed for me. The good news is I'll probably sleep great: in clean sheets, with a nice overnight temp. Mmmmm....

Today was also the Day of Surpising Good News. I picked up my last paycheck from the old job and it turned out to be somewhat more than I was expecting! Turns out the vacation pay I'd assumed I'd lost was paid out anyway. Yay!

So, I'll have some content over the weekend, for those of you first getting here on Friday. I usually post on Saturdays and Sundays, unlike many bloggers. Besides, there's tons of crap -- uhhhh...lots of stuff already posted.

Shower, clean bed, deep sleep. I am so boring.

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