Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Where's Mah Money?

Whew! Another busy day at Half-Bakered. I post, you decide.

I know I won't keep up this pace because a lot of this is old bookmarks being burned off. Hey, if you haven't read it, it's still news to you, right? Right. Besides, no one pays me for this (Yet. I need to do the Bill Hobbs shameless capitalist thing and start profiteering.), so you can't complain.

Not that anyone does. Heck, I got more comments announcing I was on hiatus than I have blogging up a storm. (Is that a message? I choose not to think so.) Say something. Even if it's just "this sux, d00d."

Anyway, lots of bloggity goodness below. Read, enjoy.

And yet another reminder, because I'm still not seeing my work around the blogosphere. I made up a couple of faux Kerry campaign posters and posted them here. I really like the Kerry/UN one. It almost looks real. Feel free to hype 'em or use 'em. Please. Just give me credit. And make me famous.

So I can start charging for this.

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